Comedie Musicale Trucs Droles Photographie Theatre Conte De Fees Couple Amour Anime Ha Ha Croisement Anime Tutoriels Pour Le Dessin Au Crayon Credit to the artist: ttoba.Humour Comedie Musicale Be More Chill Les Miserables Comedies Musicales Drole reblog if you know what this is, no one say it Dessin Art Artiste Fantasy COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN kind of vent art, I?m in a slump atm so this is the only thing I managed to force out:?) Comedie Musicale Theatre Dessins Banals Couples Adorables Choses Favorites Comedies Musicales Livre This is sort of very cute ahhhh sinful ship Dessin Dessin A Faire Artiste bi zoe murphy unironically a waltaboo Comedie Musicale Theatre Fandoms Conte De Fees Dessins Banals Idees De Dessin Personnages D'animes Images De Musique Artistes eneis crying ???epression.It's where your interests connect you with your people..I don't know if this is from the show or fan-written but it breaks my heart either way Musique Comedie Musicale Theatre Groupes De Musique Livre Photos Ecriture Reading BITCH I JUST RECOVERED FROM WATCHING THE MUSICAL AND NOW I HAVE TO DEAL WITH HIS SAD TRUTH CATCH THESE TEARS BC THIS IS SO TRUE AND MY LIFE IS WASTED Comedie Musicale Humour Theatre Romance Comedies Musicales Sandwiches Au Petit Dejeuner Le Stand Bisou Film Photos Just listened to the soundtrack of Dear Evan Hansen, and Oh my god Humour Comedie Musicale Fandoms Drole Theatre Films Comedies Musicales Visages Peuple I have been waiting for this gif and it's finally

connor murphy dear evan hansen fanart
60+ Dear Evan Hansen

60+ Dear Evan Hansen- Connor ideas | dear evan hansen, evan hansen, connor murphy


You think I wanted to trap you, to have anyone stuck with me. Jared was a jerk, he was mean and gross and weird and pathetic and Evan was not.He deserved better.Same exact hue, size, it was mesmerising.This time he skipped the food and drove to Evan's.He better not develop a foot fetish because of this, it's the mark not the foot. Captain rex fanfiction. His mark had only shown up a few weeks ago, and ever since then he had been thinking about Evan subconsciously.He walked down the stairs, pulling his shoes on without socks.Jared sighed, taking the marker and writing his name on the cast in small-ish print near Evan's thumb.Jared set his cup down, removing his own socks.Feet were weird.Evan couldn't ever want him, he had been a shitty friend for years now.After conformation of soulmates, via some form of close physical contact like a kiss--or the marks touching directly--feelings are amplified and there is no going back.Gross but whatever. He had too much time to kill.She turned on her heel and power walked away, almost knocking the coffee from Jared's hand. At school Jared made a beeline to Evan's locker, but he wasn't there yet.Just because.Way too early to be up and looking at his foot.Comments: 42 Kudos: 34 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 387. He needed out.Evan was so.Strangers won't gain feelings for strangers at random. Loki Tickled By Thor. That sounds kind of ominous, but it's more overprotective than strange.He already had the sexuality crisis and now this once he figured it out.Evan didn't usually agree to coming over to drink, but he seemed eager today.. He only made it a block before sitting down at the curb to take some deep breaths.Even after getting ready he had extra time, so instead of skipping, he went out to get coffee and donuts.It was weird, knowing Evan had the exact same shape on his own foot, down to the last detail

connor murphy dear evan hansen fanart
Connor Murphy x Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen and Connor Murphy #dearevanhansen #DEH #musical # draw | Dear evan hansen fanart, Dear evan hansen art, Dear evan hansen musical

[Speedpaint] Dear Evan Hansen - Connor Murphy

He'd need.Stop.Though he had no idea why he thought he'd actually GET what he wanted.Sure enough, Cynthia entered, carrying a tray..The one friend he'd almost made wrote a creepy letter about his sister. Harry Potter. Connor hated himself, why the fuck had he done that.To be honest, he'd kinda wanted a friend.He hoped whatever came next would be better, anything had to be.He didn't even like the kid, he was always hanging around Kleinman.She tried so hard for him, it made him feel just that little bit calmer. Everything.He pulled it out to reread it for what felt like the thousandth time.He changed into pajamas, got under the covers, and read the dumb book that had been specifically picked for him, careful not to get hot Brownies or tea on the pages.And in that moment between them, Connor made a subconscious decision. Creep. So small and helpful, yet this little thing could be enough to just. Forever.Not ansen, or Kleinman, or Miguel, or Zoe, or Larry, or.Just to push his attempt at friendship in his freckled fucking face.Connor was a jerk to Evan but he makes up for it Mutual Pining IIIiii don't know where I'm going with this I have never wrote fanfic before Also I don't like Jared just so you guys know.Comments: 8 Kudos: 69 Bookmarks: 10 Hits: 593.This wasn't even close to the first time he'd done this routine, it felt so natural. Disney bdsm. Evan was the reason for tonight's attempt.Honestly? He was surprised mom still kept the medicine in reach. But Connor had tried to be his friend anyway-after shoving him over in the hall, because THAT was how you made friends, Connor-, had tried to talk to him, he'd even signed his sad little cast as way of an apology.ten? Fifty? Connor actually had no idea how much an overdose was, he usually just downed as much as he could and hoped for the best.Tried to reason with him, never raised her voice, always there-.He knew it was mom, Larry didn't fucking knock, and Zoe never came to see him.Just to watch him get mad, lauh, embarrass him.Connors favourite teas-he wasn't much of a coffee drinker, though he looked the type-with a plate of brownies. Well.It had never worked before, but this particular bottle was full, so hopefully.It was weird.not just one.Begged Larry to let him see a therapist, even though Larry had only let him have one session

connor murphy dear evan hansen fanart

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I’m just saying that I’m here if you want to talk about it.Connor’s own family doesn’t feel safe around him, and to know that the best, most kindest person in his life feels that Connor equates home and love and safety.He’s coming home from his most recent therapy session; his eyes are sore and his face feels tight and all he wants is to be squished by Evan’s warm weight but Evan doesn’t get in until later.”.But the day was hard and time is wish-washy.It hasn’t been made so it’s easy to slink under the comforter. Shikamaru x neji. He’s greeted by a plethora of plants that Evan has named, Connor can never recall them and thankfully Evan doesn’t judge him for it.” Evan starts to splutter out reasons on why he shouldn’t leave dishes in the sink overnight, but Connor gathers him into a bear hug and squeezes him, “Too bad, I demand cuddle time.Evan, who understood what it was like to be forgotten.She thinks we’re a little codependent by the way, but she’s glad to see that I have someone.He hears Connor finish up and sets the book down so he can clean the mess, but Connor stops him, “Don’t worry about it, Evan, I can deal with it tomorrow.Evan, who found Connor and in turn was found.It shows how safe Evan feels with Connor.He’s coming home from his most recent therapy session; his eyes are sore and his face feels tight and all he wants is to be squished by Evan’s warm weight but Evan doesn’t get in until later.He’s a little sweaty from work, but remnants of his body wash and shampoo remain leaving a scent that makes Connor think of nothing but.”.He lets the pills sit there until he has something to swallow them down with; taking the pills on an empty stomach always makes him feel slightly nauseous, so eating food beforehand combats the feeling.He idly touches their leaves as he plops himself on the couch in their living room, he could have turned the light on before he sat, but he’s just so tired right now.He finishes the glass of water and places everything in the sink.It’s a little greasy, but Evan doesn’t say anything because he’s a sweetheart..”.He goes to sit on the floor in front of the couch and starts stroking Connor’s hair, “Connie, have you eaten today. Astrid anal. You seemed a little upset, which is fine, you’re allowed to be upset.Evan, who knew what it was like wanting to be seen.He lets himself be helped up off the couch and towards the small breakfast nook so Evan can fry him an egg.The stove makes a funny clicking noise as Evan turns it off, both of them pay it no mind because who the fuck has money to replace an oven.

connor murphy dear evan hansen fanart
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Dear Evan Hansen- “Disappear” (Connor Murphy Audition)

The spitting fucking image of him, excusing her hair and eyes.He slipped the duck between the baby's arms and placed the blanket on top of her.She had stopped crying for the most part, but Connor went through the motions with her, feeding, diaper change, and sitting on the bed with her.He couldn't afford a crib, and this was the only option.She hasn't seen the baby in almost two months.I feel like Connor would be the one to end up with a kid out of all of them. Tumblr train sex. There was his baby.He grabbed the stuffed duck and the duck patterned blanket before heading back into the bedroom.Connor has just packed up his books when crying came from Katie's room..He went back to the diaper bag and went around setting it up for tomorrow.Connor learned a lot more from her than his teachers.Connor picked her up and headed for the door.Katie was in her thirties, but still lived with Lisa.He didn't bother changing before crawling into bed next to the baby.Connor moved her off his chest and into the bed next to him.He drove to his crummy apartment building and went to his neighbors apartment.He wouldn't be able to afford food besides what the baby needed, but he had a huge plate of sandwiches to help with that.By the time he was done Connor was exhausted.He grabbed the mail and started writing off the checks.Not because she didn't have a job, but because of Lisa's health.While organizing he found the money he had given Lisa on Monday sitting at the bottom of the bag.Damn her! She did this every once and a while and Connor hated it. The names of the characters have been changed. He simply did his best to focus on school, trying to not put his other responsibilities first for a few hours.Connor got up and grabbed the diaper bag from where he had dropped it. Connor undid the plastic wrap and grabbed one for him to eat while he continued digging.Opening the bag revealed a huge platter of sandwiches.His homework was complete within the hour.Lisa's doing.But ignoring her would just make it worse

connor murphy dear evan hansen fanart
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Connor Murphy Dear Evan Hansen Fanart

angel!connor (DEH speedpaint)

Sixty had taken to living with Connor like a duck to water.While Connor was friends with Hank and was forever grateful to the human, he’d also developed the urge to spent time alone and didn’t want to intrude on Hank’s life by moving in.Also, I’m not just sticking to one fandom for this so that’s a heads up for you as well.He had never felt so full before and Connor slowly began to thrust in and out, sinking further and further into him with each thrust.The list I’m going to be following for this can be found here.It had been a few weeks after he’d been found on the cold, damp floor of the abandoned CyberLife tower. Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust. He’s come back one night from a long shift at the DPD to find Sixty spread out on the couch with his hand wrapped around himself and stroking while muttering Connor’s name under his breath.No longer was Sixty the ruthless killer who had tried to kill Connor but a quiet, stoic android who was falling in love with the android he shared his home with.Why he didn’t wake up until Connor connected him was a mystery that no-one at Jericho could explain but he was just thankful to be alive..The human had grumbled but had finally relented.He could feel his load leaking out of Sixty even as he was still inside and the thought of Sixty being so full of him sent ripples though his body.After examinations it was revealed that the bullet Hank had shot him with had missed his critical processors by mere millimetres and that the shock of being shot is what causing Sixty to enter emergency shutdown mode.He started off slowly but soon picked up his pace as he felt Sixty squeeze him.Luckily for Sixty, Connor had noticed the other’s feelings and felt the same way.He hummed, which made Sixty jolt and he took one of his fingers, reaching forward to rub it around Sixty’s leaking hole.Thinking he was dead at first, they’d taken him upstairs to the repair bay and dumped his body on a table before ringing Connor.To Sixty, Connor wasn’t classed as a brother or any other familial relationships, he was simply the same model as his own.It was only when Connor turned up and tried to interface with him that Sixty woke up and bolted upright, startling everyone in the room.I tried the Whumptober challenge last year and utterly failed BUT I’m much more comfortable writing kinky stuff than I am at whump so hopefully I won’t trip and fall halfway through.To him, it was the same as the two Traci models Connor had let escape from the Eden Club that fateful night.He could feel his own cock slapping off his stomach and there was so much pre-cum leaking out of him.

connor murphy dear evan hansen fanart

connor murphy dear evan hansen fanart

Evan had no idea what Connor was going to do, and didn't know if he planned something good or bad.If he had more money and if he hadn't fractured his arm, he would do way more than that.He wouldn't have to even think of asking people he knew to help him.He looked around once more before shutting the door and getting the bonsai tree set, meanwhile, Connor started walking back to his house.He had enough time to order one, get some ornaments, and to give everything to Evan.Not only that, they were way too tall for him to be capable of reaching the top so he can decorate the tree. Danganronpa tenko x himiko. Gingerly, he stretched his healthy arm to grab his phone and check the texts he got.He wasn't able to purchase a Christmas tree for a sensible price.Evan had visited various places and shops, but every one of the trees they had was way overpriced.He walked over to the door and somewhat opened it, trying to see who just knocked.Fake snow on his windows and some affordable snowman and snowflake related stickers he found online, but that's about it.He didn't want to bother his mom or his friends, since they're also trying to obtain Christmas decorations for their own homes.If he had searched hard enough for a better job, or no- better yet if he had worked enough, he wouldn't be in this situation.He's already bought him a bonsai tree once, although he couldn't take care of it after he broke his arm, resulting in the tree dying.He looked over and noticed he had several notifications from the person he least expected to text him.

connor murphy dear evan hansen fanart

First Meetings My First AO3 Post Masturbation Soft Connor Murphy (Dear Evan Hansen) Smut Fluff Artist Connor Murphy (Dear Evan Hansen).He wrapped his other arm around the smaller and ran his fingers through Evans hair while Evan just sobbed harder.Comments: 22 Kudos: 233 Bookmarks: 23 Hits: 3476.At least he could stop thinking about Evan.Connor silently groaned and brought his hands to his face.His seat was right next to hers because of his attitude. Low-key lyesmith. After the sound of the stall door closing, Connor carefully opened his door, trying to avoid any noise.Evan was going to say something when his phone rang again.He stayed as quiet as he could and put out his blunt, putting it back in the plastic baggie.He smiled slightly and Connor couldn't get enough of it.He opened it and took the joint out, as well as a lighter.Connor was going to ignore it when he heard sniffling and tapping.Evans breath hitched and Connor could hear how the heavy breathing just stopped, or well, was trying to stop.No response again.I have this and other stories posted on wattpad.He decided to sit down and see what would happen.Connor thought as he looked at the answer choices.It's not like I have a chance in the future anyway, so why even bother in school.Connor didn't listen, he just grabbed the hall pass and went.There was a while of silence before Evan phone began to ring again.It'll take a while to get out but I'll try to be there as soon as possible.The way his cheeks were slightly pink, and the freckles that scattered around his face, like stars almost, and his eyes look so comforted.

connor murphy dear evan hansen fanart

“Comfortable?” Connor asked, quirking a brow.Why did this one have to - and in front of Connor, of all people.Inspired by fan art by h-minvi on tumblr (Link to fan art in authors notes). zombie movies aren’t totally my thing, but-“ “Not totally?” Connor questioned, quirking a brow at him. “You had mentioned wanting to see it, and I know you love horror movies, and-“ Connor shushed him with a kiss on the tip of his nose.Jared shivered at his touch, then quickly turned the movie on. All might x izuku. He tried to remind himself it was just a movie. “Popcorn?” Connor asked, leaning forward and grabbing the bowl.” By the time Connor got back, Jared had set the movie up and was sitting on the couch waiting for him. “No, you don’t have to do that,” Jared protested.I’m not scared,” Jared scoffed. “You can pick the movie,” Connor offered. “So, I thought we could watch that new zombie movie everyone’s been talking about.You can check that out here: Anyway, I suck at tagging this one. “Better?” “Much,” Jared grinned, snuggling as close as he could. “Why did you ask me to watch this, then?” “I- I don’t know,” Jared shrugged. “Just cold.” Connor wrapped an arm around him.This fic in particular was inspired by fanart I saw on tumble from h-minvi.He flinched, looking away.He pulled Jared onto his lap, giving him another kiss.. “These effects are so cheesy. Harry Potter. He rubbed Jared’s legs soothingly.Connor frowned and turned the movie off. “Is it that hard to believe I like Disney movies just as much as I like horror movies?

connor murphy dear evan hansen fanart

You are so great.These patterns continued until Evan had come up with the best idea about a week ago.” “It wasn’t real, Ev.Evan has always been a great long-distance runner. He’s fucked up.Soon after becoming friends, Evan had fallen for the taller boy. Slave girl auction porn. Murphy’s date night.Connor would always preface his eating of a piece of chocolate with the phrase, “for serotonin,” and Evan’s heart would melt each time he did it.I was obsessive and wouldn’t let go even though you obviously didn’t want anything to do with me.Evan moves his hands to clutch at the back of Connor’s sleep shirt.Evan’s eyes quickly fill back up with tears, and he clutches Connor’s body to himself.” “Then let’s get to sleep. “I couldn’t help it,” Evan protests. Please.He’d found Connor listening to music and had quickly knocked Connor out.Connor had started to pull away from him, and Evan had tried even harder to keep ahold of Connor’s attention.Getting to be around you and know you has been the best part of the last year and a half.He’s quickly standing over Connor, and he frowns at him.Even with Zoe, he hadn’t been that infatuated, so he had to do something. “Much like I am now.He rubs his hand up and down Evan’s back as he whispers, “It’s alright.It had taken Connor twelve hours to wake up, and Evan had started to get worried.What was I supposed to do?” “Why did you start ignoring me?” Connor groans, “At first it wasn’t intentional, but then you kept pushing to see me. Drugged rape porn. Connor’s dead.Is there anything we can do tonight to help you go back to sleep?

connor murphy dear evan hansen fanart

Evan looks away from the storefront to give him a huge smile, “Me too.It gives a really interesting perspective of what it’s like being a woman in the Middle East is like.Also, tell me if you have a better name for this series.I couldn’t hear you. “Hi, Mr.Mom doesn’t usually make him do this, but the couple of times she’s asked, he’s been here within twenty minutes of school ending,” a small smile settles on her face, “He works with plants, you know. Lila. I would tell her about whatever trees or interesting plants we passed, and I could tell she was engaged because she’d always respond with a question about it.Connor goes to say something but Evan motions for him to stop, “We’re here.Ignore—” “Does tomorrow work?” Evan blurts out.They continue to make easy conversation the whole ten-minute walk back.It’s not that I’m wrong, I just should not have said that.Books are so great, and I love working to figure out a deeper meaning in them.A buzz sounds from downstairs, and he grabs his jacket and wallet before going down to meet Evan.My sister can have some pretty creative questions. Ever..She had randomly pulled it off the shelf, and she said she absolutely adored it.” “I read that book in my freshman year of college.I actually sometimes bring what he says up during class discussions. Murphy.He makes his way to sit down on the desk across from her; he really should not be sitting on the desks around a student, but he figures she won’t say anything to the troublemakers he tells to stay off of them.

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